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Q : What is the different of internet dedicated type and Broadband type?

A : Dedicated type had bandwitdh capacity that prioritize exclusive according to customer requirements.

     Broadband type had bandwidht capacity is shared equally for the many customers needs.


Q : What benefit Voice solution from COP than PSTN?

A : COP Voice solution using VoIP can save your telephony cost SLI & SLJJ up to 70% than PSTN.


Q : How about pay method of COP?

A : Customer can pay with Cash, Credit card, Cash Deposit via BCA, and Bank Transfer.


Q : If we had internet trouble and any another solution we got from COP who we can contact?

A : Our customer support already 24 hoursx7 days can contact to email or directly hotline

      call +6221-2939 6565 and you will get fast response and solution.