Hosted Solution

Web Hosting

Provide solution to allocate own website on our server that have benefit no need spend cost for invest own web server.

Disk SpaceQuota of Bandwith/monthMonthly Fee (IDR)Installation Fee (IDR)
500 MB10 GB125.000100.000
1 GB20 GB185.000100.000
5 GB75 GB375.000100.000
10 GB100 GB625.000100.000
15 GB150 GB875.000100.000
20 GB200 GB1.050.0001000.000

Note: All price exclude VAT 10%


· Managing e-mail accounts

· Managing web mail

· Conduct forwarding e-mail

· Perform auto responds

· Managing files

· Managing FTP Accounts

· Managing disk space usage

· Managing sub domains

· Perform redirect domains

· Developing & Managing web

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange are Microsoft licensed products that provide services of licensed e-mail without having to invest the license.

Base on monthly payment per account directly get features below                                                                            

·            5 GB Mailbox per user                      

·            Outlook Mobile Access, Outlook Web Access and Outlook Anywhere

·            MAPI, POP3, IMAP4 and Web Support

·            Free License of Microsoft Outlook 2010

·            Personal Mail Folders, Calendar, Contacts and Domain

·            Share and Synchronization of Folders, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

·            Group Scheduling, Public Folders, Global Address Book

·            Guarantee Backup and Recovery

·            Full synchronization between Mobile Device, Web and PC

            Benefit of Microsoft Exchange

·            Significant decrease initial cost

·            Charge per month

·            Flexible Order (monthly base)

·            Included maintenance cost

Office Comunication Service (OCS)

Solution for video conference that cutting travel cost for company meeting.


· Free licensed of communication service & communicator

· Enterprise instant messaging

· Peer to peer voice & video

· Enhanced presence

· File transfer

· Secure and real time communication

· Anywhere access through desktop and mobile phone

· No technical expertise required

· No hardware/ server cost maintanance


Centrin domain services provide simple way to register your company indentity on the web base on yearly payment.

Type ServicesYearly Fee

Note: All price exclude VAT 10%

Term & Conditions:

· Copy identity card: KTP/SIM/Paspor

· Copy SIUP/TDP/Akta Notaris/NPWP